Plaid Hat Games’ Starship Samurai Board Game Now Available

June 29, 2018 by brennon

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Plaid Hat Games' new board game, Starship Samurai, is now available for you to snap up from them and at retailers.

Starship Samurai Cover - Plaid Hat Games

Here's some more information on the game...

"Fight for control of the Lotus Galaxy in Starship Samurai, a game of area control and massive mech combat for 2-4 players.

Take control of your clan and lead your fleet of ships to glory with cunning tactics and political manipulation. Battle for control of key locations in the Lotus Galaxy to increase your clan’s honour and sway lesser clans to your cause.

Starship Samurai Set-Up - Plaid Hat Games

Each round, players will use an innovative action selection system to use one of four available actions: Gain Wealth, Move Units, Draw Cards or Move a Clan Token. The value of each action is determined by the token used (1-4). This system allows players to adjust their strategy at a moment’s notice to reflect the challenges they’ll face from rival clans. Move your ships and Samurai to block a key location, draw cards to change the course of a battle, move a Clan Token to secure your claim to the throne or generate wealth to give you even more options.

Each player will control two Samurai with unique abilities that can vary their strategy and change the outcome of any game. These advanced Mechs are the heart of your fleet’s power, capable of destroying enemy ships with ease and shifting battles in your favour. Use them wisely!"

It is going to be interesting getting to play this game. I love the models that they have put into this set and the mix of area-control and card driven gameplay sounds awesome - even the little tiny ships are looking epic too!

Clearly, lots of these models need to be painted up in Voltron-esque colours right?

Will you be checking this out?

"Clearly, lots of these models need to be painted up in Voltron-esque colours right?"

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