PlastCraft Games Announce Their New Project, Dark Flow!

August 9, 2019 by brennon

PlastCraft Games has introduced their new board gaming project, Dark Flow. Watch out for the launch on Kickstarter coming on September 17th.

Dark Flow Main

This game is a competitive affair where two-to-four players will control one of four different civilisations as they fight to dominate the centre of the multiverse.

Dark Flow Mockup

Taking place over five rounds you will take actions to upgrade your forces, gather different resources and build up your power to secure territories. You will be expanding out to try and claim new land and facing a menace known as the Errant and its dangerous spores. There are plenty of monstrosities that inhabit the planet that no-one has ever defeated.

There will be an expansion included as part of the Kickstarter campaign which introduces two new players into the mix, taking it to five and six, as well as two new civilisations. The game as a whole looks modular and fun with plenty of ways to strategies each time you sit down to play.

If you end up backing the project within the first forty-eight hours you'll be able to get yourself an exclusive First Player Marker.


So, make sure that you get involved when the campaign launches and I'm sure that we'll be able to bring you more detail on the game in the coming weeks. Watch this space for this one!

Do you like the concept?

"Watch this space for this one!"

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