Let’s Play: Dark Souls – The Board Game [Part Two]

August 21, 2017 by thisisazrael

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Welcome to Part Two of our Let's Play of Dark Souls The Board Game as Az is joined by Alex and Jamie from Steamforged Games.

Let's Play: Dark Souls - The Board Game [Part Two]

In Part One the guys explained the mechanics of the game such as the combined health and stamina bar and the flow of combat as you progress through the rooms.

They also suffer their first death at the hands of a Crossbow Hollow and face off against the Mini boss of this section - the Belfry Gargoyle! If you've never seen the game played before and would like to learn the rules click here to watch Part One.

In this second part of their adventure the guys get stuck straight into the action. Continuing their characters from last time, they battle it out for shiny loot, eventually making their way to the menacing Main Boss - The Dancer of the Boreal Valley!

Would you live dangerously and play the risky Assassin?

Designer: David Carl, Alex Hall, Mat Hart, Richard Loxam
Publisher: Steamforged Games Ltd
Players: 1-4
Play Time: 90-120 mins

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