Will You Pledge to The Duke by Catalyst Games?

June 8, 2012 by brennon

Another Kickstarter campaign for you today in the shape of The Duke by Catalyst Games. Check out some information about this rather nifty looking and innovative Tile Placement game below...

The Duke Logo

The Duke allows you to take control of a general on the battlefield where you must control your different units in a bid to outplay and out think your opponent before bringing his Duke low.

The Duke Tiles #1

The Duke Tiles #2

Each tile has both a Starting and Non-Starting side which flips as it completes a given action. In the case of the Bowman it might shoot one turn then be open to movement options in the next. The turns play a little like chess and it certainly has that old school military strategy feel to it.

The Duke Board

Here you can see the starting set-up for The Duke. As the game goes on you can either draw new tiles to add to your army or move with your existing forces. It looks like a game that's easy to learn but hard to master.

The Duke Objectives

Catalyst Games also have plans for some Objective based games to spice up the basic action. While obviously bringing extended life into the game it also has a lot of potential for future expansions.

You can check out a gameplay video on how to play the game on their Kickstarter page right here.

What do you think of this rather interesting little game?

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