Pledge To The Myth Kickstarter! 53 Hours To Go!

April 21, 2013 by brennon

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The Myth Kickstarter by MERCS Minis is coming to an astoundingly good close with only a few days left. They bust their target quite comfortably and have been pursuing stretch goals ever since...

Myth Box Art

One of the big things that people wanted (and you pledged hard for it!) was a selection of gender swaps for the different heroes. We saw the gender swap for the Bard a while back but here are some early concepts for the rest of this questing crew.

Class Concepts #1

Class Concepts #2

Above you can see a look at the female Trickster, Acolyte and Soldier (who is incidentally a mongoose!). There's also the female Apprentice, Brigand and Archer. All of these look pretty neat but of course we want to see the models!


Just recently you all helped unlock the lairs for each of the different monster factions you can come up against in the game.  I particularly like the little goblin perched atop his rocky hovel.

Stretch Goals #1

Stretch Goals #2

Above are also the stretch goals looking ahead towards the end of the Kickstarter. Hopefully with just a couple of days left you'll be able to crack these as they look utterly superb. I reckon a few of you would rather see these sooner rather than later.

I'm very much looking forwards to seeing the big Orc Boss and the Rat Boss taking shape in the near future. Nothing like a rat made out of rats to get you good and terrified.

Hero With Undead Mage

Scale Comparison

Warrior with Rat

In terms of seeing the models we also have a few updates of how the work-in-progress sculpts are looking. Right now they have a selection of comparisons between the heroes and a couple of the enemies.

In terms of scale you can see just how big some of the 'big bosses' are in the middle image. Everything looks good right now with the sculpting being pretty great in terms of quality.

Have you pledged so far?

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