Plot & Scheme Your Way To Power With Masques From FFG

December 11, 2012 by brennon

A new card game has been announced by Fantasy Flight Games. This time they are heading to the canals of Venice with a game of intrigue, plotting and scheming in Masques...

Masques Box Art

In the game you take on one of the major houses vying for positions of power within the court of Venice. You do this through inviting the right kind of guests to your party, keeping them happy and earning their support and influence with the Guilds. If you prefer the more direction approach you can just send in the assassin or thief to cause some trouble.

Masques Guests

I'm liking the art style, giving a cartoon edge to the mischief, and the mechanics behind it sound fun too. I will be keeping an eye out for the rules for this one.

I do also like the way that you can not only twist things to your advantage but mess with others plans too. A bit of competitive underhanded gameplay is always good for a board game night!

What do you think?

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