Push To The Head Of The Queue With In Front Of The Elevators

May 12, 2019 by cassn

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It's a nice day and you've decided to take the family out to the shopping mall. Unfortunately, you're not the only person with this idea, and the line for the elevator is huge. Time to stealthily push your way to the front of the queue and get your family the day out you've promised!


In Front of the Elevators is an interesting light strategy card game where you must use abilities and make patterns to move your cards to the front of the queue and onto a waiting elevator. Different elevators have different rules about where they go, who can use it, and how many people can get in them, so plan carefully to ensure your family gets there first!


All family members have special abilities such as the Cut-In-Line or Lost-Child ability which can aid the family to cut into the front of the queue at the last minute, just making it to the elevator as it is about to close! Furthermore, if three of the same type of people find themselves beside each other, they give up on waiting and go get something to eat instead!


In Front of the Elevators is a really fun game, due to be released on the 25th May, 2019 at Tokyo Game Market. There's sadly no shipping outside of Japan just yet, but you can check it out in further detail on the publisher Saashi & Saashi's website.

Silly question, but why won't this family just use the stairs??? Theories please!

"An interesting light strategy card game!"

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