Push Your Luck For Gold In Undermined! Pairadice City

June 30, 2023 by brennon

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Devilfly Games are on Kickstarter right now with their new card game all about mining for gold and pushing your luck! Undermined! Pairadice City is great fun and comes from Chris Fisher and Nick Barker whilst featuring artwork by Patrice Rameau.

Undermind Pairadice City Kickstarter - Devilfly Games

Undermined! Pairadice City Kickstarter // Devilfly Games

Undermined! can be played by between two-to-six players and games last from around thirty minutes to just over an hour depending on the number of players. The core gameplay concept is pretty simple and easy to learn which makes teaching the game a doddle. At its core, Undermined! is all about combining your equipment like pick axes, dynamite and more to dig through the Rock Deck which yields riches, perils and plenty of opportunities for victory points.

Undermined Pairadice City - Devilfly Games

Undermined! Pairadice City - Cards // Devilfly Games

Sometimes, the rock is just going to be too tough for you and that's where the other aspect of Undermined! comes into play. If you find yourself in that situation, you are encouraged to make deals with your fellow prospectors and see if you can work together in order to find whatever riches lie beneath the ground.

As well as mining just one rock from the tunnel, you might also be able to use explosives to blow even bigger holes in the tunnel. This comes with its own risks as whilst you'll be able to uncover more cards in succession, you might end up bringing more perils down on your head!

You'll also note from the image above that prospectors are also able to use their hard-earned riches to buy equipment which can be used to help you with your endeavours. A good helmet might save you from a peril or two but a canary might just stop you from ending up in a really sticky situation.

A game of Undermined! comes to an end when one player has managed to get to twelve victory points. That could come from the treasures found beneath the ground or perhaps the equipment you've managed to snag from the store. Because of the different ways the Rock Deck can be constructed in each game and the variety of equipment on offer, you should find yourself coming to the tabletop trying all sorts of interesting tactics in order to earn your riches.

Undermined! Pairadice City Pledges

There are a couple of different options for you to consider when it comes to snapping up Undermined! Pairadice City. You can go with the base game or go all in and get loads of fun bonus bits and pieces to enhance your games.

Undermind Pairadice City Pledges - Devilfly Games

Undermined! Pairadice City - Pledges // Devilfly Games

The artwork in Undermined! is fantastic and  Patrice Rameau has done a great job in setting the tone for the game which is a little quirky and enhances the vibe of "shady deals and prospecting" in the Old West. You've also got some lovely graphic design from Feride Seferaj which ties it all together.

I managed to get a hold of an early prototype version of Undermined! and even at this early stage, it seems like a game that is well worth snapping up if you're seeking a fun game to play in between larger tabletop experiences. Because of the replayable nature of the game, it also seems like it could be great to play two or three games of during an evening, changing up your tactics to see if you can find a surer route to victory!

I really like the edge-of-your-seat flip of the card element to gameplay where you have tried to plan as much as possible but you still might find yourself getting undone by pushing just a little bit too far!

Will you be checking out Undermined! Pairadice City on Kickstarter?

"I really like the edge-of-your-seat flip of the card element to gameplay..."

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