Puzzle Your Way To The Mountain Peak Solo In Unsurmountable

September 21, 2021 by fcostin

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Solo adventurers! Have you found yourself buried into more solo gameplay recently? Since lockdown, I haven't had my trusty sidekicks nearby to help me go through quest after quest. No matter what board game I played, playing with friends and working out a game together was always a pleasurable union.

Within that past year, I discovered ButtonShy Games. As a small publisher, they have released a series of Kickstarters that are under the category of 'Wallet Games'. These Wallet Games consist of 18 cards or less, and the games that ButtonShy have by my experience been delightful. Especially to have on the go. And plus, they're never more than a tenner for me!

Unsurmountable - Image One

Button Shy Games Titles

I know, that when people usually say the term 'on-the-go', it normally means a fast deck experience that you can take on holiday with you to kill some time in the airport. But ButtonShy Games are different in that manner, for somebody who likes to take lots of walks, sit down and enjoy the outside for a while, these adventures are perfect for me to have in my pocket - when I am out on my own one!

The newest game collaboration from ButtonShy and Scott Almes is Unsurmountable, where solo players take a series of puzzles to find their way to the top of a mountain.

Unsurmountable Kickstarter Trailer // ButtonShy & Scott Almes

Heading up the slopes of a Mountain that is unpredictable, one player will risk their life to find the route to safety and meeting targets and objectives for the banter. Whilst gauging their way up this treacherous mountain, players will find their heads challenged and puzzled to overcome the challenges which the 17 cards face.

Unsurmountable - Image Two

End Game Example // Unsurmountable

Forming a 10-card pyramid, players must simply reach the top of the mountain, with an attempt to form a non-broken path to success. There are several layers of difficulty to meet, which include rule changes and adaptations for the climbers.

Unsurmountable - Image Three

Big Climb Expansion // Unsurmountable

Usually, I would talk about all the stretch goals which are included, but what's better is that the publishers and designers have simply decided to just give away the expansion. Regardless. No unlocks in pledges, just a nice gesture for all the supporters that have backed the campaign.

If Button Shy Games are up your alley, I have really found love in this publisher due to the simplicity and the replayability - plus giving me full enjoyment in a quick and independent game title. They are offering all of their other titles too as part of the campaign, for relatively cheap considering how many titles with expansions you get! This is part of the New Simply Solo Megafan pledge.

Unsurmountable - Image Four

New Simply Solo Megafan Pledge // Unsurmountable Kickstarter Campaign

With one title, in particular, showing me a little disappointment previously (and I have played a good few!), you'll be delighted to know that they release one game a month. So be sure to keep an eye on their releases on their website as well.

The Kickstarter has 4 days left, so if you are looking out for a new solo game with challenge and enjoyable head-scratching puzzles, be sure to check out Unsurmountable.

Have you ever played a Button Shy title?

"These adventures are perfect for me to have in my pocket - when I am out on my own one!"

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