Rainbow Knights Heading To The Skies From Ninja Division Soon

June 19, 2018 by brennon

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Rainbow Knights is a frantic new real-time card game coming out from Ninja Division soon. Some news did come out about this one last year, but it looks like we're seeing a proper release of the game later this year in 2018.

Rainbow Knights - Ninja Division

Rainbow Knights has you taking on the role of colourful characters who must lay down their path cards within a pre-determined area as quickly as possible, racing against the others but also making sure that they don't intersect with other players paths OR themselves.

Rainbow Knights Gameplay - Ninja Division

Because the game is real-time you'll be trying frantically to try and place your path before someone else can get ahead of you AND to make matters worse there are also blocking pieces of terrain that you'll have to contend with at the same time.

There is also going to be a turn-based version of the game which takes away the dexterity and speed element and applies a more strategic layer to the game. But, in my opinion, doing this the fast and furious way is the more fun way to play!

The game is simple fun and could go down well at conventions and the like as a big party game as it expands from two players all the way up to six.

If you like Lazer Ryderz from Greater Than Games then you'll probably quite like this too!

Could you see yourself snapping this up? 

"...in my opinion, doing this the fast and furious way is the more fun way to play!"

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