New Heroes & Critters Arrive For Relic Knights & Ninja All-Stars

June 16, 2016 by brennon

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Ninja Division & Soda Pop Miniatures have some excellent new additions to the Relic Knights range popping up on their webstore this month. Let's kick things off with a group that look like they'd be at home in a Final Fantasy game - here's Faust's Devils...

Faust's Devils

This trio fight for the Cerci Speed Circuit faction in your games of Relic Knights and come in highly detailed resin with their stat cards needed to play.

"Brawny and hostile, Faust’s Devils are menacing minions capable of swift attacks that will leave opponents seeing stars. Faust’s Devils are a particularly unique addition to Relic Knights, allowing Cerci players to use a powerful, offensive transformation of one of the Devils to deal devastating damage to those who defy Asger."

Taking the prize of 'most awesome' this month however is this chap, Rhouss Fixer.

Rhouss Fixer

While I like the style of Faust's Devils I think the cute factor wins out when you take a look at Rhouss.

"Rhouss Fixer is a scrappy nomad that commands impressive technical skill and tactical offense, making it an asset to any team. Rhouss Fixer is a unique addition to Relic Knights, allowing Radiant cadres to launch powerful supportive and offensive attacks that truly demonstrate the Rhouss’s resolve to persevere."

This chap fights for the Radiant factions of Relic Knights. I think I'd actually have a hard time deciding on whether or not the full headgear was the right option for Rhouss as I really like seeing his face!

Ninja Time!

It would be remiss to forget the new Ninja coming to join the All-Stars team from these guys too. Arriving for this game we have Karura who is decidedly menacing.


"Karura is unusual among even his rare, adventurous clansmen, for he feels a greater kinship with the Tanchyo’s cousins—the eagles—than with any human he has met. Although seemingly distant, Karura possess a great inquisitive nature that has led him to tinker endlessly and invent many wonderful things.

His latest invention—a contraption of snares, wires, pulleys, and hooks—allows him to fly between trees, cliffs, and rooftops with all the grace and speed of his beloved avian cousins."

I like the theme that they've gone for here where he wants to become one with his avian fellows. The idea of a Ninja zipping around the trees like a bird is rather awesome and it already conjures up some interesting visions within the mind.

The model is neat too and I think you'd have fun painting him up with both a colourful outfit and an equally colourful headdress too.

Will you be picking any of these models up?

"While I like the style of Faust's Devils I think the cute factor wins out when you take a look at Rhouss..."

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