Roll & Build With Matt Leacock’s Era: Medieval Age

February 1, 2019 by brennon

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Eggertspiele is looking to publish a new Matt Leacock game this year, Era: Medieval Age. Whilst we've seen a lot of Roll & Write games, this is a Roll & Build one.

Era Medieval Age - Eggert Spiele

In this very charming looking game, your dice will represent the different classes of society. You will be looking to build the most prosperous city using the dice at your command. You will build up an actual 3D city using small structures like farms, walls, keeps and more. Each city will look unique each time you play.

Era Medieval Age (Components) - Eggert Spiele

As well as the dice dictating the actions you can take there is also additional interaction between players with extortion, scorched earth and a Medieval staple...disease! What's also very cool is that this is just the start for a new series of Roll & Build games from Matt Leacock!

Are you going to be watching out for this?

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