Roll For Adventure In Dice Upon A Time

May 17, 2019 by cassn

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"How often when we are comfortable, we begin to long for something new!" - Jacob Grimm

In Dice Upon A Time, you take on the role of a fairytale character, traveling through the Grimm Brothers' magical world in search of adventure. Collect adventure points by completing quests from the villagers or the King through collecting and delivering various resources.


Along the way, your adventures will be influenced by classic Grimm characters through Story cards and Magic Items. Store these Magic Items for use later, either to benefit yourself or hinder another character!


Each character comes with its own unique ability which can help them on their journey. Movement round the board is completed through an innovative five-dice system, however, one character has the ability to block another's movement, so careful planning is needed.


Dice Upon A Time is a good family game with a mass appeal which still contains elements of strategic planning for more experienced players to enjoy. There's also an option to upgrade the regular version to the Deluxe Edition, which includes some pretty excellent miniatures!


Dice Upon A Time has already fully funded on Kickstarter, and backers can avail of a range of extras, add-ons, and stretch goals. So if you like a good tall tale, head over to the campaign now!

Who is your favourite Grimm Brothers' character? Tell us below!

"Influenced by classic Grimm characters!"

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