Sail Into The Pirate Republic On Kickstarter From Green Feet Games

March 3, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrh! This be a great time to be a pirate on Kickstarter. Green Feet Games has an awesome, swashbuckling board game adventure for 1-5 pirates, errr-players. The Pirate Republic is live on Kickstarter now and well funded- so bring on the stretch goals!

pirate republic box

This is a really clever game of pillaging and plundering, in the golden age of piracy. Players will get to choose the role of a historical pirate on their quest to gain the most treasure.

Something that really drew me to this game (other than Rasmus! Thanks, by the way), is that it is built to play both cooperative and competitive.

pirate republic ships

For cooperative play, players will draw a shared Flying Gang Mission card and have to work together in the common objective. For competitive play, obviously, it's every pirate for themselves.

pirate republic tokens

While sailing about, players can raid islands, forts or ships. If successful, they gain influence and treasure. Each player will have their own Captain Mission cards, which provide objectives and thus benefit when they are accomplished. But beware the other pirates.

They will have Chaos Cards that they will be able to play when the right situation presents itself, to either sabotage your plan or be sure that they reap the spoils.

pirate republic cards

The possibility of stretch goals allows for the game to potentially grow into play for one to five players. There is an AI-ish component to the game where your actions cause consequences, so I have to believe that provides a nice framework for them to go down the solo play route.

pirate republic art

Until I see more, (and I hope to), all I know is that the art is gorgeous and it's a beautifully themed game about my favorite subject- pirates.

What do you think of this swashbuckling board game?

"This is a really clever game of pillaging and plundering, in the golden age of piracy..."

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