Save Prehistoric Creatures From Extinction In Happy Little Dinosaurs!

September 22, 2021 by fcostin

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It's always doom and gloom when dinosaurs are mentioned, we always seem to talk about their suffering. Hey, even in movie renditions such as Jurassic Park or even Land Before Time - we see these giant creatures with problems, and has anybody sat down to ask, "hey big buddy, are you okay?". Happy Little Dinosaurs by Unstable Games puts dinosaurs in charge of their own life decisions, as players help these prehistoric beings survive life on a day-to-day and at a disaster level crisis.

HLD - Image One

Happy Little Dinosaurs // Unstable Games

By utilising cards, players are put to the test to reach 50 victory points which can be achieved by completing and avoiding life disasters. Players will be looking at the Natural, Predatory and Emotional needs of the Dinosaurs in front of them to avoid an all-out disaster. Think of the game of life but for Dinosaurs:

"You will work to avoid all of life’s little disasters and laugh as they happen to your friends. If you collect 3 Disaster cards of the same type OR 3 different types of Disaster cards, you will be out of the game. Point cards feature weapons, trinkets, and good luck charms that you use to collect points and avoid disasters. Each card has a point value between 0 and 9 that you will use when scoring a round. You can use Instant cards at different points during the game to tip the odds in your favor or save your Dinosaur from certain death."

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Player Boards & Components // Happy Little Dinosaurs

Players will also be provided player boards which will have everything needed to keep the little dinosaur's traits in check. It has been completely set up to allow players to collect their cards, track their score and keep your little dino buddy at easy view to make sure he is not suffering in peril.

This fun hand-management card game is sure to keep a smile on your face throughout. Looking more on the bright side - 2-4 players can take 30-60 minutes in finding a solution to the prehistoric problems of the day-to-day dinosaur.

The title is now available to be purchased online and a vast range of FLGS Stores. Unstable Games products can be found in Waterstones too, alongside the Exploding Kittens and Cards Against Humanity - so be sure to have a nosey and see if they have it in stock.

What do you think of the Happy Little Dinosaurs concept?

"Looking more on the bright side - 2-4 players can take 30-60 minutes in finding a solution to the prehistoric problems of the day-to-day dinosaur..."

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