Scavenge For Sunken Treasure In Deep Blue From Days Of Wonder

July 4, 2019 by cassn

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Buying this fabled map was a stroke of genius. The most ancient, legendary, and extravagant underwater wrecks are waiting for divers. Diving suits and oxygen tanks are aboard, and the ship is ready to weigh anchor. There's no time to lose! The increased hustle and bustle of the harbor, with ship captains attempting to hire the best divers and historians, can mean only one thing: Other captains have the same map, and the biggest treasure hunt of all time is about to begin!

Days of Wonder have announced their big box game release for 2019.

Deep Blue, sadly, is not a game about the famous chess computer, but rather a push-your-luck engine builder game about diving to retrieve the riches of the ocean.


Recruit the best divers, sailors, and archeologists, scout the seas to discover new wrecks, and then race to the site to claim the best diving spots in this family-friendly light strategy game!


Days of Wonder have really pushed the boat out with this latest release. The artwork is excellent, the components are varied and appear high quality, and the mechanics are interesting without succumbing to complexity. And, yea, that all seems great, but I'm still a little annoyed that this isn't about a chess computer.


Regardless of my tantrums, Deep Blue is a family-friendly, fun game which can be enjoyed by both new and established gamers alike. Days of Wonder will be releasing Deep Blue in October, most likely at Spiel 2019.

How would you design a Deep Blue chess board game? Ideas below!

"Days of Wonder have really pushed the boat out!"

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