DreadBall Season 2 Project Kicks Off Soon From Mantic Games

June 10, 2016 by brennon

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Mantic Games have set the wheels in motion for DreadBall Season 2 to appear on the horizon and indeed your tabletops in the near future


So what's going to be new within this update of the game?

  • Enhanced Game Play – Faster to play, simpler to learn and easier to collect, the new edition will streamline 6 seasons worth of rules, FAQ and errata without losing any of the soul of original DreadBall.
  • A New League System – built from the ground up, offering unprecedented options for team building
  • Improvements based on your feedback – Reworking Jacks, Giants and MVPs to become central to the game are high on our priority list!
  • Balanced Teams – each team will have a unique play-style and will be fairly balanced for competitive gaming.
  • And more!

Which all sounds very good to us. As well as that there's good news on the way for people wanting to get into DreadBall as they have plans on another Core Game Set.


"DreadBall 2nd Edition will be spearheaded by a new 2nd Edition core game, which will include the new rulebook, an up-sized pitch and two new teams. The tooling and production will be funded on a simple, short Kickstarter in July, which also builds awareness of its retail launch in 2017. You’ll get updated rules for every team and Dreadball Ultimate will also get the 2nd edition treatment."

A Kickstarter in July means we could see some very interesting optional extras too coming our way. Mantic have always been pretty spot on with their fundraisers.


All of the existing teams will still remain playable which is a good sign and you'll simply have updated tweaks to their rules allowing you to use them in the new edition.

Twin that with the fact that DreadBall Xtreme will remain as is as you still have plenty of cool ways to play DreadBall.

Will you be getting involved in a new edition?

"All of the existing teams will still remain playable which is a good sign..."

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