Sell Sensational Scents In Aqua Mirabilis From Gotha Games

June 19, 2019 by cassn

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Eighteenth-century France may have been a time of regality and elegance, but it was not a time of hygiene - Louis XVI took one bath in his life, and that was on his wedding day.  And in a world of smelly socialites, a perfumer can become wonderfully wealthy!

In Aqua Mirabilis, players take on the role of perfumers, aiming to develop and sell their exquisite essences in exchange for money and prestige.  Starting with five base scents (orange, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, narcissus, and rose), players must master the art of processing flowers into fragrant oils, fixatives, and solvents, while still increasing their knowledge through study and travel.


Acquire apprenticeships and visit other cities to develop special skills and gain a competitive edge over perfumers while developing your scents. Nurture your social standing with the nobles at the Court of Versailles by presenting the King and his followers with the most fashionable and original perfumes to become the most prestigious perfumer in all of France!

Aqua Mirabilis is an enchanting historical game all about seductive scents. Publisher Gotha Games will be releasing it at SPIEL '19. Keep an eye on their website for further information.

Fun Fact: Aqua Mirabilis literally means 'Miracle Water' and historically it was the name of an English alcoholic tonic, not a perfume!

"In a world of smelly socialites, a perfumer can become wonderfully wealthy!"

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