Hit The Beach & Set Up Your Towels With Next Move’s Maui

July 7, 2022 by brennon

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Next Move Games are booking a ticket and heading to the beaches of Maui with their new board game! Set up your towels, make pleasing patterns and score big points...

Maui - Next Move Games

Maui // Next Move Games

In Maui, you will be doing the classic beachgoer pursuit of laying down towels and trying to choose the right locations to score the most points. Each player has their own board featuring seven rows where your towels can be placed.

During your turn, you can either take sand dollars from the market or take towels that can then be placed on your board. When you place, it's not as easy as just filling in the gaps. You must match at least one pattern with another on your board. Each match you make scores you points and moves your marker around the track. Placing nearer the ocean and in the shade offers up even more points!

Maui Board - Next Move Games

Maui Components // Next Move Games

As you can see, it's a packed board! The game continues until someone has placed a towel in the final column of their beach board. When this happens, you score points from patterns, pearls and any leftover sand dollars in your collection.

You can even make things harder for yourself with a flipped board showing off a bunch of sand crabs! They crawl onto your towels and cost you your patterns and plenty of points!

This one looks like it could be a pleasing one for the family to dive into. Hopefully, we'll get a better look at it at Essen SPIEL this year.

Are you tempted by this one?

"This one looks like it could be a pleasing one for the family to dive into..."

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