Shadows Over Normandie – Devil Pig Games On Kickstarter Now

July 5, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

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Shadows game box

When Heroes of Normandie & Achtung! Cthulhu meet for a boardgame, it gives you Shadows over Normandie, a new epic tale of World War 2- per Kickstarter.

Shadows play

If you are a fan of either game, then you are going to LOVE this board game available on Kickstarter right now. The game has crushed its funding goal with 20 days yet to go! This game offers squad/platoon sized game play based on the Heroes System, and if you already have the Heroes Of  Normandie game, you will be happy to hear that this game is compatible with it.

Shadows game pieces

The game has the players playing one of the three opposing armies: the German Cult of the Black Sun, the Ancient Deep Ones and the US Rangers. Each unit has its own defining set of characteristics depicted on their tokens, and each force has heroes and villains, infantry, tanks and creatures.

Shadows tokens

Each play turn is divided into 3 phases: giving hidden orders to your units, the action phase and the reserve phase. Each game plays through a specific scenario and gets more and more difficult as you progress through game play.

At this time, the game is scheduled to be available for Christmas of 2014.

Will you be lurking in the Shadows of Normandie?

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