Shinobi7 Drop More Details For Conan: Savage Legends

April 16, 2019 by brennon

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Shinobi7 has been talking about more details surrounding their upcoming Conan game which bears the title Savage Legends.

Conan Savage Legends - Shinobi 7

This new game from them will feature Conan doing battle on the tabletop in a strategic turn-based skirmish board game. You will create warbands made up of legendary heroes and villains from his world alongside grizzled and dangerous companions too.

As well as being put together as a clash of arms between different warbands there will also be options for solo and co-operative campaigns based on the work of Howard. Since this is a skirmishing game that means miniatures so here's a first look at Conan!

Conan Render - Shinobi 7

He looks over-the-top which is perfect for Conan. It looks like they've drawn from a lot of the comic book art here for this model which is always a good idea when you're going for big and heroic.

Since the previous Conan game is very much treading water it's nice to see that someone else is looking to bring Conan to the tabletop. Obviously, we shall wait and see when it comes to the mechanics but I like their initial ideas.

What do you think?

"He looks over-the-top which is perfect for Conan!"

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