Show Us Dem Kitties In Cat Café

May 31, 2019 by cassn

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Are you the sort of person who likes coffee and cake, but feels you would enjoy it more if there was a bum in your face and hair in your mouth? Then I have the purrfect roll-and-write for you to get your claws into!


In Cat Café, players are in a cafe full of fluffy felines, using cat toys to entice the cute kitties to their corner. Based on the Korean game Cat Tower, in Cat Café players draft dice which allow them to draw and place a particular cat toy in places which score them the most advantageous points.


Points are scored in specific ways, based on the toy and the position. For example, a cushion placed high up will score high points as it allows your furball friends a comfortable vantage point, while a yarn ball is an excellent cat toy no matter where it is!

Cat Café will be released at Essen 2019, but for now, co-publishers Alley Cat Games and Mandoo Games are showcasing the game and having a soft-release at UK Games Expo this weekend.

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