Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

August 1, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to The Weekender where we're back talking about Age of Sigmar and more as the tide of new releases continues to roll over us from Games Workshop. We also have a competition winner to announce for Journey: Wrath of Demons!

Weekender: Do The Age Of Sigmar Judicators Hit The Mark?

Age Of Sigmar

We kick things off with a discussion about the new Stormcast Eternal Judicators. There has been a lot of hate about these models and a lot of love too. Oh and BoW Ben really seems to like the Stormcast Eternals!

With that in mind we walk about their aesthetic and even delve into some chat about archery in general, here are the videos Lloyd was referencing in the show...

What side do you come down on with this?

Painting The Starter Set

We'll also be talking about the painting tutorials by Duncan Rhodes of Games Workshop where he showed off how to paint the whole Starter Set (see links below).

It's generally considered that these are some of the best pieces of content they've put out in recent years so we talk about what we think of them.

Warlord Tanks

Warlord Games also have a new Panzer III out in plastic so with that rumbling across the tabletop we wishlist what we'd love to see next in terms of World War II armour.

Naturally Lloyd thinks Weird World War...

4Ground Ruins

Last but not least we discuss some more of the new terrain from 4Ground. The Ruins Of Daldorr is a fascinating set of new terrain pieces worth using in the likes of the new Frostgrave for example.

Free Laser Cutter Plans - Watch XLBS To Find Out More!

This week we have some free plans and instructions you can use with a laser cutter to build an Infinity Style Objective Room. They have been created by our Infinity maestro Killian and he will be on the XLBS show for a chat all about laser cutting and 3D printing if you want to find out more...

Download Laser Plans - Click Here

You will find The Weekender XLBS on the website tomorrow morning and you can try out Backstage to watch by following the link below.

Competition Winner

Keep an eye out through the show to see if you won the copy of Journey: Wrath of Demons. If you did don't forget to contact us HERE.

Join Backstage For The Weekender XLBS Tomorrow

Have a great day!

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