Silently Outwit Your Opponent In Sinomilia

May 24, 2019 by cassn

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Sinomilia (aka συνομιλία, シノミリア) is a two-player strategic deduction game which focuses on the art of understanding your opponent. Sinomilia is the Greek word for conversation and, in Sinomilia, each player is trying to have a competitive conversation without using words.


Each player starts the game with fifteen chips and a set of cards numbered 0-9. At the start of the game, players guess how many chips will be collectively played that round, and then place that numbered card face-down on the table. Players then take turns to place a chip in the playing area or pass.


Once either both players have chosen to pass, or nine chips have been played, the cards are revealed, and the person with the closest bid takes all the chips, plus two extra chips from their opponent. The winner is the first to collect all the chips!


Sinomilia is exactly my type of game - small, simple, yet incredibly strategic - unfortunately, it's also in a whole other country! Sinomilia will be showcasing at Tokyo Game Market this weekend, alongside a handful of other Japanese games I've been swooning over. Let's hope the game gets a UK distributor soon, so I can get a Sinomilia showdown with @ludicryan!

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"Small, simple, yet incredibly strategic!"

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