Grab Yourself Some Skaven & Dwarf Blood Bowl Bitz Soon

December 7, 2020 by brennon

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Games Workshop has a collection of bits and bobs coming to their webstore this weekend with more Blood Bowl pre-orders on the way. The Skaven and Dwarfs, ancient rivals, are the focus of this latest selection of releases with new Card Packs, Dice and more.

Dwarf Team Cards - Blood Bowl

Dwarf Team Cards // Blood Bowl

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Starting things off, we have the new Team Cards which can be snapped up this weekend. These packs come with cards detailing all of the statistics that you might reference during your games as well as some Star Players too. Additionally, you've also got blank cards in there so you can fill in the details of your growing team. The same is true of the Dwarf and Skaven cards.

Skaven Team Cards - Blood Bowl

Skaven Team Cards // Blood Bowl

These might be quite handy as quick reference items rather than having to flick through a book or gaze over your team sheet for the appropriate player. Obviously, these have been updated to match the new rules presented as part of the Second Season Edition.

As well as the new Team Cards you can also pick up the new set of Dice for each of these teams. These packs give you all of the appropriate dice that you need to feel like you're truly showing the right amount of team spirit!

Dwarf Dice - Blood Bowl

Dwarf Dice // Blood Bowl

Skaven Dice - Blood Bowl

Skaven Dice // Blood Bowl

These dice often end up selling out pretty quickly so if you find yourself interested in adding these to your collection then you'll want to be quick off the mark. Fingers crossed that you can either get them from Games Workshop or your friendly local gaming store.

We finish off the offerings with their new Skaven & Dwarf Pitch set.

Skaven & Dwarf Pitch - Blood Bowl

Skaven & Dwarf Pitch // Blood Bowl

In this set, you get a seriously hard pitch to play on. Literally. I wouldn't want to be slammed onto that surface! As well as getting the double-sided board you also get the two dugouts which have been designed to suit both teams.

So, if Dwarfs and Skaven are your teams of choice then these might make a funky new option for your Blood Bowl collection.

Do you like these more faction-specific accessories?

"...these might make a funky new option for your Blood Bowl collection"

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