Smash Stuff & Roll Up In Your Tanks For Privateer’s Riot Quest

December 10, 2019 by brennon

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Privateer Press has been adding some more heroes into the mix for Riot Quest, their quick and easy skirmish game. We start with Boss MacHorn who is getting ready to rumble.

Boss Machorn - Privateer Press

Here is the background on this particular character...

"As the former leader of the Devil Dogs mercenary company, Sam MacHorn is known for two things: wrecking face and getting paid! And with her custom-built Ironhead suit, she’s ready to put in some overtime!"

I like that this character is brutal and to the point. That is, in reality, represented as part of the model too with a big suit which is just suited to smashing face. You could have some good fun playing around with a diorama for this particular character I reckon. Tweak the positioning of the arms and such and you'd have a nice way of showing her pummel someone!

Tank Times

Following on from Boss MacHorn we also have someone else who is encased in armour of a different style. Here is Ledfoot & Tredz!

Ledfoot & Tredz - Privateer Press

This pair of little fellows have certainly made up for their diminutive stature with something of a technological marvel.

"What General Ledfoot and his trusty tank pilot Tredz lack in stature, they make up for in firepower. Christened “Madtrak” in honor of their late chieftain, the weapon of mass destruction at Ledfoot’s command is guaranteed to cause opposing crews to make tracks!"

I love the comic element to this sculpt which should make it really fun to play. You could really play around with the armour and some graffiti perhaps to make it feel more personalised.

Are you tempted to pick up these two new models for Riot Quest?

"You could really play around with the armour and some graffiti perhaps to make it feel more personalised..."

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