Solve The Mystery Of The Cryptid With Osprey’s New Game

March 20, 2018 by brennon

Osprey Games are working on a new deduction game that will be available in September this year. See if you can solve the mystery of the Cryptid and come out with all the glory!

Cryptid - Osprey Games

Cryptid sounds like a fascinating game where you all take on the roles of Cryptozoologists working to uncover more about this strange creature. However, the truth of its name and the discovery itself is too rare and impressive to share with others so you must work to put each other off the scent so you can claim all of the glory.

"Each player holds one piece of evidence to help them find the creature, and on their turn, they can try to gain more information from their opponents. Be warned; give too much away and your opponents might beat you to the mysterious animal and claim the glory for themselves!"

There are a variety of different clue books and a modular board which lends to multiple different combinations each time you sit down to play. There is also a range of different set-up cards which then drastically change the game as well.

You will also find that the game releases with a digital companion (entirely optional) that helps with set-up and adds more replayability to the game as well.

Keep an eye on this one!

" must work to put each other off the scent so you can claim all of the glory!"

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