Sort Out The Mess With Marvel: Damage Control From WizKids

July 15, 2022 by brennon

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Minor Spoilers For Ms Marvel - With Ms Marvel coming to an end this week as part of the expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are getting a new board game from WizKids that deals with one of the "threats" she faced in the series! Sort out the mess the superheroes leave behind with Marvel: Damage Control.

Marvel Damage Control - WizKids

Marvel: Damage Control // WizKids

Marvel: Damage Control is based on the fun spin-off comic series that follows those left in the wake of superhero mayhem. When the bad guys have been thwarted and Thor, Captain Marvel and Spider-Man are flying off into the distance, someone has to clean up the mess. That's you.

Marvel Damage Control Cards - WizKids

Marvel: Damage Control Cards // WizKids

Featuring rules from Omari Akil and artwork by Darren Calvert (which is a neat update on the original comic art!), you will take on the role of a rival cleanup crew that has been tasked with securing dangerous artefacts and technology buried in the rubble of the latest superhero clash.

Damage Control employees will dive into the Rubble Cards that sit in the centre of the tabletop to try and find valuable items. These items then get added to your deck and you can use them to make you stronger and more effective in your task or simply lock them away as victory points. In this way, you'll need to decide on just how long you'll make use of cards before you score them.

Marvel Damage Control Set-Up - WizKids

Marvel: Damage Control Set-Up // WizKids

In addition to just sorting through the wreckage, you will also have to deal with citizens complaining about all of the mess, some just trying to sneak a peek at a hero or villain and even those thinking they have a claim to that technology you've just found!

You will also be able to call on the help of heroes like Captain America, Shang-Chi, Black Widow and more that can be enlisted to help Damage Control during their endeavours. It's good to know that some of Damage Control are nice folks not seeking to hunt down every enhanced individual!

Marvel: Damage Control also features four modules that can be mixed into the game. You always have the Rubble and Character decks but you then throw in two from Mighty Asgard, Mystical Manipulation, Pym Tech, and Vibranium Synthesis that spice things up and add in new mechanics.

I think this sounds like a really fun game that looks at the Marvel universe from a different angle!

Are you going to join the cleanup crew?

"Marvel: Damage Control also features four modules that can be mixed into the game..."

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