Next Spirit Island Expansion Headed To Backerkit In Autumn

July 5, 2022 by fcostin

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Spirit Island from Greater Than Games is a returning title to my weekly games night, although quite a sturdy and complex game that can last for a good few hours. The complexity is what brings the mechanically heavy title its charm. This is offfering a wealth of thematic fun and replayability every time players take the role of elemental spirits, hoping to stop the precious island from falling to colonization.

Inside The Box And Components - Spirit Island

Inside The Box And Components // Spirit Island

Spirit Island has grown, as we have seen new expansions that dive into new opportunities. Providing additional hours of gameplay and new ways to play with new Spirits, Game Boards, island maps, scenarios and countless resources in the Jagged Earth expansion. Whilst adding in some new Spirits, events and additional cards in Spirit Island: Branch & Claw and Feather & Flame.

That's aside from the accessories to upgrade too.  It's safe to say that Spirit Island has got quite a massive following Considering its release in 2017, it is wonderful to see Spirit Island gain a solid and supportive player base over the years.  And now the game is set for a new expansion and heading to Backerkit this Autumn.

"There are things yet unseen among the deepest roots of the land, and they now rise to meet the coming white sails." The next expansion of the award-winning settler-destruction board game, containing new spirits, new aspects, new threats and new powers! - Greater Than Games

Shadows Of The Burning Forest - Spirit Island

Shadows Of The Burning Forest // Spirit Island

Although we do not have much information other than the bare minimum. Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate is the confirmed expansion heading to Backerkit on October 18th. The image above is the only released image surrounding the expansion, depicting the 'Shadows of the Burning Forest', which we have seen before. If you wanted to find out more during the lead-up, be sure to get yourself notified here.

It would be wonderful to have a Spirit Island Big Box as part of the Backerkit campaign, pulling together all of the game content. There really are a lot of resources that are gasping for the organisation across each set. Dare I say dividers? And without knowing too much about the upcoming release - it is hard to speculate. Under the roots? What part of the island is waking up?  Plus some new threats are incoming? Does this mean some mighty moves being added to our adversaries or a new opponent to contend with?

Spirit Island - Feather and Flame Expansion

Feather And Flame Expansion // Spirit Island

It could be a good few years until we see the release of the new and upcoming expansion, Nature Incarnate. Given that the expansion will be headed to Backerkit on October 18th, however, if you are keen to dive into some new player opportunities, expanding the already rich and exciting world of Spirit Island. The lore is expanding too, as it seems as if something ancient is being unearthed under the battlefield this Autumn.

Are you excited for the next instalment Spirit Island?

"It would be wonderful to have a Spirit Island Big Box as part of the Backerkit campaign, pulling together all of the game content..."

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