Do You Hear the Clip Clop of Munchkin Hooves?

March 30, 2012 by brennon

If your a fan of the Munchkin Card Game series from Steve Jackson Games (No not THAT Steve Jackson) then you will know that it has had a serious amount of expansions. Check out their latest; Half Horse, Will Travel.

Munchkin: Half Horse Will Travel

This new set introduces a whole range of new monsters and items. It also includes the chance to play as either Lizard Guys or Centaurs. When you factor in all the rest of the combinations you can get it seriously becomes something to behold.

Sample Cards

Love the art work on these cards, and in colour too. My group still has the old fashioned cards and while it would be nice to get a hold of these I think we would have to restock on the coloured and updated ones first!

Also don't forget that this game could be being played on Wil Wheaton's new show Tabletop which we looked at last week.

Will you pick up this Munchkin expansion?

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