The Maker of Vampire the Masquerade Brings us a Vamp Card Game

March 22, 2013 by dracs

A new vamp themed card game from the mind of the man which brought you Vampire the Masquerade has headed to kickstarter. Get dealt in to Succubus: The Reborn.

Succubus the Reborn Deck Box

OK, so what can we expect to see with this game? Well the cards themselves at first look to be your pretty standard set of playing cards, albeit with some awesome artwork.

Succubus the Reborn Cards

The difference is that each card uses a stylised suit to represent one of four different vampire houses. The cards also have representations of rock (a castle symbol), paper (scroll), scissors (crossed swords) and bombs (do I really need to explain that one?). These are to allow the cards to be used with some LARP systems, such as that used in the World of Darkness Mind's Eye Theatre rules.

Succubus Suits

Now don't go thinking that this is just a fancy deck of cards. There are rules for a different party card game, the link to which can be found at the kickstarter. It uses a system they call Party Poker RPG.

Succubus Rules

Apparently the game will mix card and board game elements with the play acting of LARPs. An interesting combination to say the least. The players will have to work together and opposing one another in order to gather poker hands.

The game itself certainly sounds interesting and as a long standing fan of the World of Darkness games I look forward to seeing how this new card game plays out.

If you want to support Succubus: the Reborn head over to the kickstarter now.

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