Wyrd Miniatures Kickstart a Game of Time Travel and Evil Babies?

August 1, 2012 by dracs

Wyrd Miniatures, the twisted minds behind Malifaux, have set up a Kickstarter campaign for a game they have described as "a semi-educational game of time travel and kidnapping." Evil Baby Orphanage.

Evil Baby Orphanage

You take on the role of a time travelling nanny, tasked with kidnapping all the babies who will grow up to become figures of evil and then bring them back to your Evil Baby Orphanage to nurture them into productive members of society instead. So kind of like Terminator with a conscience.

Evil Baby Orphanage Cards

Once they are in your Orphanage you than have to keep them under control, with different difficulties arriving from different character cards.

This card game looks to be a lot of fun which could quickly become a party favourite. With its bizarre concept and brilliantly characterful concept art, this looks like a fun card game which will nonetheless be maintaining Wyrd Miniatures' reputation for strange and disturbing games.

Also it should be noted that part of the profits for the game will be going towards Kiva.org, an organisation which seeks to help people in developing countries get loans. So you are helping to change the world one evil baby at a time.

What are you waiting for? If you are intrigued by this concept head over to Kickstarter and pledge your support.

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