Weekender: Star Wars Destiny Dream Teams & Winners From Gen Con 50

September 9, 2017 by brennon

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Welcome to The Weekender where we might have finally woken up after Hobby Night Live to bring you more awesome goodness including Gen Con Winners and...

Weekender: Star Wars Destiny Dream Teams & Winners From Gen Con 50

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...the Shades Of Spring projects that won our hearts too!

Hobby Night Live

Make sure that if you weren't able to catch Hobby Night Live last night that you jump in HERE and watch the recorded show and then head on over to the forum thread HERE where you can share your work in the hopes of winning a mighty Hobby God Bag.

Shades Of Spring

You can also now go and look at the amazing projects which won the Shades Of Spring challenge that we set earlier in the year. There were some deserving winners and some fantastic effort put into this one. Hopefully, we'll be back in the future with another one for you to take part in.


We delve into the news where we might have just excited Warren a bit...

...so there we have it. Maybe we're going to see Az's game face after all!

Gen Con Winners

We announce the winners of the amazing prizes we were giving away at Gen Con. Make sure if you read your name below to actually go and Claim Your Prize and we'll see about getting the goodies to your door.

  • Ninja Division: Rail Raiders, Super Dungeon Arena & Ninja All Stars Winner - orlandothetechnicoloured
  • GCT Studios: Rise Of The Kage, Dockyard Expansion & Bushido Profile Cards Winner - mecha82
  • Warsenal: Spider District Tower Winner - daegren
  • Corvus Belli: Manga Miniatures Set Winner - dafthelmet85
  • Everything Epic: Gen Con Swag Bag Winner - jax78
  • Steamforged Games: Blacksmith’s Guild Team Winner - clansmen
  • Tabled Forged Games: Kettu + Iron & Ale  Winner - otakugirl
  • DGS Games: Starter Set Of Choice Winner -  joox
  • Gale Force 9: Expansion Packs For Ferengi & Cardassians + Con Exclusive Naked Mal (Firefly) & D&D Collector’s Miniatures Winner - janus1004
  • 4Ground: Fyreburgh Fort & Treasure Chests Winner - sheepman
  • Kingdom Death: Seasonal Monster Dice & Exclusive Miniature Winner - brewgeek
  • Catalyst Games: Dragonfire Winner - warfield
  • Hawk Wargames: Battle Fleet Of Choice Winner - ugleb
  • Shapeways: Custom Dice By Chuck Winner - jakab
  • Flying Frog Productions: Beli’al Shadow King Winner - eddator227
  • Wyrd Games: Malifaux Nightmare Set Winner - lorgaroz
  • Mantic Games: Walking Dead Core Set Winner - darkdanegan
  • CMON: Skarrd Starter Bundle With Starter Set & Cards Winner - samknight
  • Ares Games: Sword & Sorcery Winner - truthslayer

As mentioned above, Claim Your Prize. We don't want these goodies going to waste!


We focus in on a Kickstarter nearing its end and one right in the middle of its campaign.

We hope those caught your eye and you're checking out more of what we discussed this week too. Have A Great Weekend!

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