Steamforged Games’ Bardsung Now Live On Kickstarter!

November 10, 2020 by brennon

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The brand new dungeon-delving board game, Bardsung, is now live on Kickstarter from the team at Steamforged Games.

Bardsung Kickstarter Logo - Steamforged Games

Check Out The Bardsung Kickstarter Here

Steamforged Games has come to the tabletop with a new dungeon-delving experience which is focused on living out the adventures and narrative moments of a game like Dungeons & Dragons alongside the choice and consequence of a Choose Your Own Adventure book plus much more besides.

All of this comes together alongside a host of fascinating mechanics to provide you with a quest packed with beautiful miniatures, artwork and plenty of ways to spend months and years!


Bardsung Core Box Contents // Steamforged Games

If you're interested in the gameplay mechanics and development choices made when exploring the world of Bardsung ahead of the Kickstarter campaign then you can go and check out the Steamforged Games Blog where they have been discussing a lot about the game already.

The team have discussed plenty of elements of gameplay including movement, fighting, exploring and more. I was particularly impressed by the way that dungeons and encounters are generated in the game and how that affects the ways you approach quests. You've also got a selection of heroes that all play and develop in different ways meaning that you always feel like you have something to give to the group.

Bardsung Demo Game // Steamforged Games

Some interesting selling points about the game that we've learned already is that it can be played solo or with up to five heroes and it never needs a Games Master to control the fun. Everything is governed by the game and its inbuilt A.I. In addition to this, Bardsung also spans an epic fifty-plus hour during the course of its campaign making it a pretty intense journey to begin with your group. Maybe if you've experienced Gloomhaven and the like then you'll be familiar with the scope of a game like Bardsung!

Pledge Option For Bardsung

If you're interested in diving into Bardsung then you can get stuck in with this simple option from the Kickstarter.

Bardsung Hero Pledge - Steamforged Games

Bardsung Hero Pledge // Steamforged Games

There is quite a lot for you to get stuck into with this campaign I think you'll agree! Here is a look at what's inside the box in full...

Bardsung Hero Pledge Contents - Steamforged Games

Bardsung Hero Pledge Contents // Steamforged Games

Make sure to dive in and explore more about the game as part of the Kickstarter Page. There are some seriously cool miniatures here for those who love their plastic, especially if you've been picking up the Epic Encounters Sets recently by Steamforged Games.

Bardsung Stretch Goals & More Coming Soon!

As well as what is being included as part of the Kickstarter as it fires up there are also plenty of options for you to work towards as a backer which are due to be unlocked. Make sure to get stuck in with the campaign and tell us what you think of what they've introduced as part of the overall Bardsung experience.

Check Out The Bardsung Kickstarter Here

Drop your thoughts below on Bardsung as a new dungeon-delving game on the block. Are you tempted to dive in and pick this up as your next big project for your gaming group?

Tell us your thoughts below...

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