What Strange Science Goes On in the Portal Board Game

March 11, 2014 by dracs

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If you're like me, you were really excited about Cryptozoic's announcement that they were bringing out a Portal board game. Well in a recent interview with Polygon.com, we get a rough idea of just how it will work.

Portal Board Game Prototype

"Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game" is the non-final title for Valve and Cryptozoic's board game, a strategy game in which two to four players guide expendable Aperture Laboratories test subjects around a tiled board in an effort to "test in the most desirable test chambers," according to Barnett. It's a competitive experience: Once a player takes the lead, they win by eliminating their opponents' test subjects — or their own. At times it can be a cooperative game, but only when people are teaming up to prevent another person from winning." - Polygon

So from the sound of it, this board game will have something of a Munchkin style feel to it, with players out for themselves and ganging up on anyone who pulls too far ahead. This perfectly fits the often dark, comedic style of the Portal franchise.

This is all sounding really promising. Included in the game will be all the classic components of the video games, such as turrets, cake, companion cubes and testing. Lots and lots of testing. Testing is a fun activity in Aperture Science Labs.

Are you looking forward to Valve and Cryptozoic's collaboration?

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