Strategy Meets Fantasy in WARBAND Against the Darkness

August 28, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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This board game has it all, a fantastic world and epic races battling for glory! WARBAND: Against the Darkness is a game that plays in 60-90 minutes and combines strategic depth with an epic fantasy theme and tense player conflict. This game is currently on Kickstarter by Dyskami Publishing and offers a pretty nice combination of Euro/American gaming.


This game is unique in that the units of all the players may be part of the same warband and share leadership on the battlefield, but gameplay is not co-operative in any way. The mechanics of the game are vast including area control, set collecting, action selection, and abstracted combat. It offers several different aspects that may appeal to a variety of different gamers, which makes the game stand out from others.

Care to guide your great race to glory on the battlefield?

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