Stuffed Fables Launches From Plaid Hat Games

February 4, 2018 by dracs

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It's time to tell new tales as Plaid Hat Games released Stuffed Fables.

Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables is a game which takes place on the pages of an Adventure Book, a game element that combines rules reference, narrative, and game board in one.

Players take on the role of stuffed toys, venturing into the land of the Fall, a world ruled over by the master of nightmares.

Stuffed Fables Game

The narrative focus of Stuffed Fables is one I really like, as well as its mix of whimsical adventure and dark fantasy atmosphere.

This is a game I am longing to get my hands on and I cannot wait to give it a go.

Stuffed Fables Banner

If you want to learn more about Stuffed Fables, check out the Stuffed Fables and the Psychology of Play video, where the founder of Plaid Hat sits down with the game's designer and a psychology professor to discuss it further.

Psychology of Games

Does this game meet your wildest dreams?

"[A] mix of whimsical adventure and dark fantasy atmosphere."

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