Suit Up & And Show Strength In The Ring In Lucha Wars

May 26, 2022 by fcostin

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Are you ready to engage in some outrageous Mexican wrestling? Don't worry - I am not going to ask you to dig out your favourite unitard and mask. Blackspindle Games are set to release Lucha Wars, a remake of the award-winning Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice game. With new match types, wrestlers and chaotic abilities to flex in the new and modernised ring.

Ready for release this summer, players will be slipping into their tights and spandex taking on the role of Luchador. Gearing up to squish other Mexican professional opponents into the mat.

21915796-Lucha Wars - Blackspindle Games

Lucha Wars // Blackspindle Games

Players' main tool to flex is their dice, which will enable them to grapple as the show commences. Each wrestler will be equipped with a series of skills bespoke to their character - providing some filthy combo attacks in hopes of draining the life points of their opposition.  Players will hope to reduce their opponents down to zero, landing them on the mat for an embarrassing and shameful pin and count down from three.

Alongside the Grapple dice, players will also gain access to a Special Attack die which will be sure to make the crowd roar.

Lucha Wars Preview - Blackspindle Games

Lucha Wars Preview // Blackspindle Games

As the game is pitched for 2-6 players, the game can be played in many different ways. Sure, you can head into the ring in a 1v1 scenario. However, there are other options to play including tag-team, weapons match, cage match, and a race to the top of a ladder in a ladder match.

The game sounds like a lot of fun, and certainly chaotic considering the different gameplay options you can dive into. Depending on how many Luchadors are at the table, the game can take anywhere between 15-45 minutes. Would be wonderful for families who do not mind getting into a squabble by the luck of the dice - being pitched at ages 8+.

The tights and spandex are not required, but... Imagine how intimidated your opponents would be if you were kitted out Nacho Libre style. 

"Players' main tool to flex is their dice, which will enable them to grapple as the show commences..."

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