Super Fantasy Brawl Smashes Funding Goal On Kickstarter

June 26, 2019 by brennon

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Super Fantasy Brawl from Mythic Games has taken to Kickstarter this week and already smashed through their funding goal. With a short campaign, running until July 3rd, you'll want to get stuck into this one if you'd like to get ahead of the game before retail.

Super Fantasy Brawl #1 - Mythic Games

The game can be played by two players, going head-to-head in the arena, or with four players in a team based game (which I think is awesome). The different champions (twelve in the core box) can be assembled in any combination of three to create your perfect team. I could keep writing about the game but we've done a few different videos already...

...which take you through the game and its background too.

Core Pledge

So, let's take a peek at the main pledge for the game. This first one 'Superfan', gives you access to twelve different champions plus everything else you need to get started in the game.

Super Fantasy Brawl #2 - Mythic Games

There is also a Master Wizard Pledge which looks at including some added extras like neoprene mats for both the gaming space and each player. You can also get yourself some sleeves too which will help keep those well-worn cards nice and pristine!

Force Of Nature Expansion

As well as your core pledge you can also get yourself stuck into an expansion for the game right off the bat. Here we have the Force Of Nature set which includes three new heroes that we've not seen before.

Super Fantasy Brawl #3 - Mythic Games

I am already loving the look of these new characters. Taze seems like an absolute beast (hah) whilst Loralei seems a little more strategic given that she only has four health! Also, those sculpts look absolutely magnificent. It should be noted that all of the figures are one piece and come sculpted onto those bases so if you don't like assembling miniatures you've got nothing to worry about there.

As mentioned above, the sculpts for this game are really top notch and they pop even more once you get a look at the painted versions by Seb Lavigne.

Super Fantasy Brawl #4 - Mythic Games

If you're interested in the game make sure to check out the videos above as well as the rules, available to download in English and French.

We're pretty taken by this game and could see it being a massive hit when it comes to organised play.

What do you think?

"We're pretty taken by this game and could see it being a massive hit when it comes to organised play..."

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