Table Top Episode I: Small World!

April 2, 2012 by brennon

It has finally happened! Table Top, presented by Wil Wheaton, the Demi-God of Geek and Nerd kind has hit the net and the first game they are playing is...Small World!

Small World Art

Small World allows you to take command of a race trying to make its mark on a new continent. Through bloodshed and underhanded tricks you must come out on top in an all out stomp-a-thon.

Wil Wheaton Small World

It's fantastic to see the game getting some coverage as its a true gem. It also has a number of expansions allowing you to take on more races and more powers.

So if you're already a fan, watch and enjoy above. If you're new, see what you think of the game and then go pick it up!

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