Tabletop Drinking Game Heroes Of Barcadia Now On Kickstarter

June 10, 2021 by fcostin

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I do not know about you all, but games nights for myself can get a little messy sometimes. We often incorporate drinking games into our tabletop games to add some more gamble to the dynamic. What I was excited about is the brand new tabletop combination of drinking games and an outright campaign, where your health is determined by the drink that is in your glass. In the fantastical Kickstarter campaign, Heroes of Barcadia by Rollacrit.

Heroes Of Barcadia // Rollacrit

In the fantasy world of Barcadia, villagers and beings of all shapes and sizes have gravitated to ensure the win of their next battle. They win and be the rightful champion of the prestigious drinking competition that is held. However, pesky monsters are up to mischief once more as they have stolen the alcoholic beverages for players to hunt down into the wild and through a dungeon of multiple outcomes. Players will need to outsmart their opponents with the goal to return to Barcadia with all beverages in tow. Hero.

Heroes Of Barcadia // Rollacrit

During the game, players will be enrolled in a brand new dungeon-crawling tabletop experience. As they will be required to fight monsters, level up characters and loot their way into finding the precious hoard of stolen drinkage.

There are several different stretch goals involved both inside and outside of the campaign walls of Kickstarter. Both social and campaign stretch goals include extra components, upgrades and much more to bolster out the game throughout the crowdfunding period.

Heroes of Barcadia // Rollacrit

As there is alcohol involved, it does go without saying that the game is pitched for a higher range of players at 21+, however, if you are not a drinker yourself - there certainly is no reason why you can not top-up the glasses with a still drink of some sort. However, if you are choosing the alcoholic route, be sure to pick your poison carefully!

What is better, is that all of your components - whether it be your dice, cards, tokens etc. - are completely waterproof. Meaning that no matter how messy the game may get, the odd spillage around the board game will be no bother! Although you would be spilling your health... that is a consequence in itself!

The campaign has practically only just started! With 27 days left to go on the clock, and 377% funded already, I anticipate this tabletop game will be the one to translate non-gamers over to the dark side with a little bit of help and bribing with a shot glass.

What is your favourite tabletop game to play with an alcoholic beverage in a party scenario? 

"All of your components - whether it be your dice, cards, tokens etc. - are completely waterproof. "

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