TableTop Episode 14: Pandemic

October 5, 2012 by dracs

Today on TableTop the fate of the world lies in the hands of Wil Wheaton, along with his crew of healers, Morgan Webb, Ed Brubaker and Robert Gifford, as they seek to end all illness in Pandemic. We're all gunna die!

TableTop - Pandemic

Pandemic can be seen as being similar to many of the Cthulhu style board games out there in that it too is a cooperative board game, where players take on the roles of various members of a team, each with special abilities, and work together to overcome an inevitable doom! Unlike the Cthulhu games, Pandemic sees you trying to contain and cure a number of diseases to prevent them from becoming a global pandemic, rather than a horrifying cosmic being. If anything, the disease is even scarier.

TableTop - Pandemic Board

The game can be played at a number of different difficulty levels, while also becoming increasingly difficult the longer it progresses. As disease spreads and illness runs amok, can Wil and co. save humanity in time?

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