TableTop Episode II: The Settlers of Catan! Have you Got Wood?

April 20, 2012 by brennon

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Anyone who has played the game will be familiar with the phrase that introduces this game and indeed this episode of TableTop from Wil Wheaton. This time, the "Don't be a Dick'' mogul is playing The Settlers of Catan, a masterful game to introduce your non-gaming buddies to our world.

Settlers of Catan Board

The game takes you players on a journey to become the conquerors of the island of Catan. While not the most in-depth game its inadvertently funny (anyone who has watched this season of Big Bang Theory will know why...) and involves a lot of player to player interaction. It's also not about goblins and dwarves so it's not going to freak out your mates!

Wil Wheaton TableTop

So watch and enjoy the world of Catan and see what you think of this game. You might even end up picking it up and sharing the enjoyment during the holiday season rather than playing bloody Monopoly again!

You can even learn to play variations of Catan on the website here.

Enjoy folks!

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