Tactical Combat in 30-60 Minutes With V-Commandos Kickstarter

November 20, 2014 by stvitusdancern

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Now you can have the experience of a fully cooperative, tactical war game in 30-60 minutes with a new Kickstarter, V-Commandos by Triton Noir. This game, though intended for cooperative play, can be played solo for quick play as well.

V-commando game

The game drives itself by offering interesting objective cards which immerse players into a tactical task. You may be sabotaging fuel depots, or eliminating German officers, or freeing prisoners. You could also find yourself destroying grounded planes, or protecting a bridge or sneaking into enemy camps to steal plans. In any order, it will make a great game. It's also nice that you have a choice in how long the game play will be- a single objective may take 30 minutes, but if you know you have more time to devote to the game, you could string together a series of objectives for an even more entertaining game.

V core box

If the core set isn't enough for you, there are of course, additional expansions including a Resistance Box and a Secret Weapons Box.

V resistance expansion

V secret weapons expansion box

Will you be participating in missions as part of the V-Commandos?

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