Weekender: Team Yankee Air Support, X-Wing Lands On Endor & More

October 17, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to another Weekender. We've had a packed week of filming over the past few days but now we get to relax with you lovely folks!

Weekender: Team Yankee Air Support, X-Wing Lands On Endor & More

What Did You Miss?

In the news this week we had a few choice morsels of awesomeness and we've picked out some of the best...

  • Air Support For Team Yankee - The A-10 Warthog and HIND are coming to Team Yankee and we've got our thoughts on both of them plus some news on the Boot Camp sets folks will be getting.
  • Crescent Root's Industrial Terrain - Awesome terrain by Crescent Root has popped up which would be great for a Victorian adventure or modern scuffle.
  • 15mm Sci-Fi From White Dragon - White Dragon have finalised the whole resin 15mm Sci-Fi range that came out of their MTU Kickstarter and it's looking stunning.
  • Gale Force Nine Work On Doctor Who Board Game - Gale Force Nine have teamed up with the BBC to bring out a series of Doctor Who themed board games. Will you be joining him in the Big Blue Box?

Kickstarter Focus

We've also delved into the world of Kickstarter to bring you the low down on a few projects we thought were well worth your attention.

  • Infinity RPG - This Kickstarter is coming to a close over the weekend so make sure to check out their Quick Start Rules and pledge for a massive amount of awesome add-ons.
  • World's Fair 1893 - Ever wanted to participate in the World's Fair? Well, go back in time to 1893 and see what you think of this new board game.
  • Scythe - Combining some fantastic artwork and a brilliant theme of alternative history see if you can control land around the mysterious Factory using mighty mechs and more.

X-Wing Strikes At Endor

You might have noticed that we went a little overboard this week on Star Wars. Well, the team got together in the studio and thought up a fantastic tabletop and rules for playing games of X-Wing in the forests of Endor.

Weekender: Team Yankee Air Support, X-Wing Lands On Endor & More

X-Wing On Endor

You can go and follow along with everything we did to bring this to life, from terrain making to rules pondering, over on theΒ Live Blog.

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We hope you have a wonderful weekend of tabletop gaming.

See you tomorrow!

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