Thames & Kosmos Add More Puzzlers To EXIT Game Series

February 21, 2018 by brennon

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Thames & Kosmos continues with the brain teasers and the chin scratchers as they have two new EXIT games coming out in 2018 for you to take on.

Exit The Game - The Mysterious Museum (2018)

The first of these is The Mysterious Museum...

"You are on a trip to the Florence Natural History Museum, intent on visiting the sunken treasure of the Santa Maria. Your relaxing day at the museum is quickly derailed by an incredible adventure! Can you solve the mysteries of the museum and find a way out? Difficulty Level: 2 of 5."

...and the second takes you to The Sinister Mansion.

Exit The Game - The Sinister Mansion (2018)

"You are invited to be a guest at a palatial mansion, but upon arrival, you find yourselves forced to take part in a macabre game. The clock is ticking, and there is not much time left to solve the puzzles. Can you escape the mansion before it’s too late? Difficulty Level: 3 of 5."

The EXIT games are like little mini-escape rooms which come packaged for you to play at home. Inside you'll find a little booklet that gets you started and then all manner of bits and bobs which will help you solve successive different puzzles.

I've done two of these and the first one, Abandoned Cabin, was very easy. We solved it quickly and had a good time. The second one, Secret Lab, was much harder but still rewarding. You get a real sense of awesomeness when you complete the different puzzles and help people progress to the next stage.

A few more releases also came out quite recently with Dead Man On The Orient Express...

Exit The Game - Dead Man On The Orient Express

...and this one, which really got my attention, Sunken Treasure!

Exit The Game - The Sunken Treasure

If you like the idea of games like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and newer projects like Legacy Of Dragonholt then you might want to consider checking these out. They are challenging but provide you with a really fun experience.

I will point out that these are all ONE SHOT products. Once you've completed it, you can't do it again. So, make sure you take that into consideration when you look at buying these.

Have you played any of the EXIT games?

"The EXIT games are like little mini-escape rooms which come packaged for you to play at home..."

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