Board The Silver Ferryman; Vagrantsong Drops In November!

November 4, 2021 by fcostin

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All aboard the spooky train! Vagrantsong, a brand new board game from Wyrd is fast approaching for release at the end of the month. Bringing players on a journey against the train tracks, in the midst of haunted carriageways inspired by the twists and turns embedded in  American Folklore.

Vagrantsong Board Game Trailer // Wyrd Games

Taking the pathway as several Vagrant children hoping to escape the fearsome train they are inhabiting. On this train lives "Haints", a bunch of lost spirits who are stuck wandering the realm, locked on the train with no place to go but wander the carriages. The vagrants want to step up, and free those lost souls - returning them to a life after death that centres around peace.

Vagrantsong - Feat

The Silver Ferryman Train // Vagrantsong

Wouldn't the Haints be happy about this venture of the Vagrants? No, because they are lost spirits! They are going to be causing a ton of pesky nonsense to get in the way, and hope to keep the Vagrants on the Silver Ferryman. Players must save the souls who wander the train aimlessly, and hope to escape before they are also lost on the journey!

Vagrantsong - Image Four

Board Setup and Components // Vagrantsong

The game is not as simple as hoping to swan along carriageways in hope of finding some ghosts, players will have the chance to immerse themselves into a wide pool of scenarios, where they utilise their Vagrat's special abilities and meet different targets depending on the outcome.

Vagrantsong is set to release at the end of the month along with other Wyrd releases, such as The Other Side Two Player Starter Set, Embrace the Ember and Best Kept Secrets boxes for Malifaux. Plus the much-anticipated release of Samantha Thrace and Binh Nguyen.

All of the above were previously released at Gen Con this year, for attendees to have an opportunity to get their hands stuck in early. However, the official release will be at the end of November.

Will you be looking into Vagrantsong?

"The Haints are going to be causing a ton of pesky nonsense to get in the way, and hope to keep the Vagrants on the Silver Ferryman..."

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