Unlock Your Inner Celt with The Waylanders, Now on Kickstarter!

September 14, 2018 by cassn

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In Brigantia, a land shrouded in Celtic mysticism, brave adventurers wander through dragons lairs and unrelenting wilderness.  Through fate and folly, groups of prospective heroes come together to conquer their fears, their land and their foes to wield the arcane power of Brigantia and become the Waylanders.


The Waylanders is a new area-control strategy board game for 2-4 players.  Each player can configure their party from 20 characters, 6 classes and 5 races.  Each character also comes with its own unique set of abilities to assist in area control.


Counter ambushes, control power zones, select your strategy and master your magic in this fierce contest for ultimate Celtic victory!


Different party formations also provide further advantages.  Careful co-ordination can result in superior speed, stronger attacks or a hearty defence.


As a proud Irish lass, this game has my inner Celt warrior launching into a gleeful battle cry.  I love that each character is based on a real Galician legend, and the posing of each of the miniatures is really dynamic.

There's also a digital game in the works, which should be brought over onto Kickstarter later in the year.  It means that The Waylanders looks set to become a brand, rather than a stand-alone game.  You can back the board game on Kickstarter now.

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"This game has my inner Celt warrior launching into a gleeful battle cry!"

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