Race To Your Destination With Quick & Simple Ticket To Ride: London

April 3, 2019 by brennon

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Days Of Wonder have now dropped more details for Ticket To Ride: London. This quick and simple version two to four player version of Ticket To Ride will be arriving in June for Europe and July for North America.

Ticket To Ride London - Days Of Wonder

This new version of Ticket To Ride has you looking to do the traditional Ticket To Ride things, completing routes and tickets throughout London as you race to your various destinations. All of it is also themed around 1970's London, giving it a fun and inviting feel...as well as being excruciatingly stereotypical of English people it seems.

Ticket To Ride London Game Contents - Days Of Wonder

Whilst the traditional Ticket To Ride is a good introductory game for those who haven't played board games before, this smaller version (much like Ticket To Ride: New York) makes it a bitesize experience which can be played much quicker.

This means you can get people exciting about their experience, play a learning game and then still have time to delve back in and play again right away. Being able to offer those repeat playthroughs very quickly after the first means that if someone feels cheated by a bad draw, or not fully understanding the game, they get another bite at the cherry.

I am a big fan of this kind of approach and I could see this also being a MUCH better present for someone who wants a London themed gift when compared to getting them Monopoly!

It even comes with little plastic buses rather than trains!

"It even comes with little plastic buses rather than trains!"

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