A Peek Into Tindaya – Endure The Onslaught Of The Gods!

January 17, 2022 by fcostin

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With the recent news of Kickstarter going Crypto, along with the platform being swamped! I can slowly see more and more publishers heading over to Gamefound for a fresh audience.

Heading over to Gamefound in 28 days, there is a title focussing on the struggle in paradise. As players head to the Canary Islands in the 15th Century, to lead an aboriginal tribe to strong health and survival. In upcoming campaign, Tindaya.

Tindaya Board Game - Teaser Trailer // Red Mojo Games

Now that sounds fantastic, head to the canary island and stop the sunburn? Nope! The Canary Islands are rife with natural disasters, and players must conquer the wrath of the gods by enduring to survive.

Anticipating the next move of the Gods who have nothing against levelling your island is hard. Meeting the demands of said Gods would be preferable, right? Or risk a godly rage! Players will have two seers who can look ahead. Seeing potential disasters and their predictions to avoid the incoming onslaught. However, we are not talking about one simple wave. We are talking mythical monsters, legends, plagues, storms and earthquakes ready to reign. Whilst players flourish their tribe with the likes of farming and agriculture, the risk from approaching Conquistadors in seek of new land will try to take over too.

Game Preview - Tindaya

Gameplay Preview // Tindaya

The board is constantly changing. As disasters can merge islands, level them, and reshape the land to force players into an ever-changing strategy to dominate.

Whether you want to journey out solo-style, compete with opponents or cooperate as friends. Tindaya will encourage players to set off on a theme-driven survival journey no matter what their comfort playstyle is.

The title is set to hit Gamefound in 28 days, I am really excited to see the title in action. If you are interested in the campaign, be sure to press the notification button on the campaign to get your hands on a free scorepad, if you are looking to back.

What do you think of Tindaya? 

"Disasters can merge islands, level them, and reshape the land to force players into an ever-changing strategy to dominate..."

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